WATER STRIDER Veliidae & UNKNOWN Creature + Fungi BALTIC AMBER 2866

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Baltic amber stone with fossil insect inclusion - extremely rare aquatic bug broad-shouldered water strider Veliidae nymph with stiff hairs on legs and antennae. Habitus resembles larval stage of a Microvelia. And some unknown creature in mould near it (it reminds small Nepidae). Also there are lot of mould (fungi) in the pieces.

It weighs 0.9 grams. Measurements of stone 13x10x8mm, length of bug nymph body and head ~ 2.3mm.

I can send digital high resolution picture by e-mail for personal (not commercial) use. Contact me concerning it.
If you which stone can be made into pendant for free. Please check if stone measurements are suitable for you.